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At Michalos Management creativity meets financial acumen and strategic vision. My specialized arts consultancy is your compass in navigating the intricate landscape of financial management, production support, nonprofit arts organizations, leadership empowerment, strategic planning, and organizational development.

A Sample of Services:

Financial Management:

Unveil the art of financial stability. I merge a deep appreciation for the arts with financial prowess, ensuring your organization's fiscal health thrives as your artistic endeavors flourish. From budgeting brushstrokes to financial forecasting, a masterpiece of financial management is tailored to your artistic vision.

Production Support:

Transform your artistic concepts into captivating realities. With production support from Michalos Management, your ideas take center stage. From inception to curtain call, the logistical symphony is orchestrated to bring your artistic productions to life, leaving you free to focus on the art itself.

Nonprofit Arts Organizations:

With over 16 years experience, I understand the pulse of nonprofit arts organizations. Let me help you amplify your impact. My comprehensive guidance covers every aspect, from donor engagement and grant writing to board governance and community outreach. Elevate your mission and craft a legacy that resonates through generations.

Leadership and Strategic Planning:

Leadership is the palette from which your organization's hues are drawn. My approach is to nurture leaders, fostering their growth into visionary artists of change. Together, we sculpt a strategic canvas that not only envisions the future but masterfully navigates the path to get there.

Organizational Development & Capacity Building:

Watch your organization blossom through intentional growth. The rganizational development strategies created with me infuse vitality into every layer, cultivating an environment where creativity and efficiency harmonize. Elevate your capacity, and watch your artistic dreams unfurl.

Artful Collaborations and Partnerships:

Forge alliances that enrich both artistry and sustainability. My consultancy acts as a catalyst, connecting you with synergistic collaborators and forging partnerships that propel your artistic ventures while ensuring financial vitality.

Why Choose Michalos Management?

🎨 Artistic Synergy: I recognize the unique essence of the arts world and infuse creative thinking into every solution we craft.

💼 Financial Expertise: I understand the nuances of arts financing, ensuring your organization's financial health.

🚀 Strategic Foresight: With a keen eye on the horizon, I help you navigate the currents of change and craft strategies that lead to long-term success.

🤝 Personalized Approach: Your vision is our guiding star. I tailor services to your specific needs, ensuring a bespoke roadmap to your artistic aspirations.

🌟 Passion for Growth: I am driven by a shared passion for arts and growth, igniting transformative change in every engagement.


Let's Shape Tomorrow's Artistic Landscape Together!

I'm more than a consultant – I'm your artistic partner, your financial guardian, and your strategic compass. Let's embark on a journey where art and strategy converge, reshaping the world of creativity and ensuring a vibrant, sustainable future for your organization. Contact me today and let your artistic dreams flourish as I paint a brighter tomorrow, together.


Broadway’s dishiest family is coming together for Grandpa’s funeral – hopefully without killing each other!

Rivaling sisters, Baneatta and Beverly, are burying their father—but it’s the non-stop family drama that might be the death of them. Beverly just wants to show the congregation what she’s been “blessed with.” Baneatta’s husband tries to keep the family peace while preparing the eulogy. Baneatta’s youngest son brings his very white, very Jewish boyfriend who is maybe, sort of, okay definitely afraid of Baneatta. Meanwhile, Beverly’s daughter couldn’t mind her own business if it was on a leash. But when a family secret reveals itself at the church altar, things really go crazy…and even Baneatta can’t deny the truth.

With scenes alternating between past and present, this mesmerizing drama brings Richard Hollander’s book, Every Day Lasts a Year: A Jewish Family’s Correspondence from Poland to the stage, restoring a family’s uncharted legacy. 


Live, in-person performances at

Baryshnikov Arts Center


Live, immersive, interactive experience online 

April 26 - June 12, 2022

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